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Navigating through the intricate maze of accident claims and insurance negotiations can be an arduous task. To help you steer clear of obstacles and to guide you towards maximum compensation, one name stands out in Riverside: Hanson & Mouri.

Since 1999, this law firm has earned its distinguished status by providing aggressive advocacy and practical advice. They strive to reduce the physical, emotional, financial, and personal stress their clients experience post-accident. Above all, they firmly believe that personal injury victims are entitled to passionate and quality legal representation.


  1. Knowledgeable Representation: Michael H.’s Yelp review credits Mr. Michael Mouri earned Michael’s appreciation with his wealth of knowledge about insurance systems, helping him secure maximum benefits for his claim.

  2. Patience & Support: Ryan H.’s Yelp review applauds the firm’s patience throughout his case and their efforts to ensure medical support during negotiations.

  3. Compassionate Assistance: Hannah A.’s Yelp review appreciates Dani Mouri’s empathetic yet confident approach during a challenging time.

  4. Professionalism & Results: Maxine Z.’s Google review highlights the professional behavior of Mr. Mouri’s team, which prides itself on its consistent ability to achieve excellent results.

  5. Empathy & Kindness: Deetta M.’s Google review emphasizes Mr. Mouri’s compassion, kindness, and genuine concern for her needs during her first visit amidst a pandemic.

  6. Clear Communication & Attentive Staff: Joudy A.’s Google review appreciates how the firm keeps clients updated on doctor visits progress while providing clear communication about processes and timelines.

  7. Prompt Service: Alex P.’s review values Wendy’s immediate response to his questions despite Mr.Hanson being busy with another client.


  1. Questionable Assessment: Sheryl P.’s Yelp review criticizes Mr. Hanson for wrongly assessing her husband’s physical condition, which led to their decision to terminate his services.

Zina’s review praises Hanson & Mouri for being so prompt when she was involved in an accident, and her insurance provider refused to cover medical costs. Luckily, Dani helped negotiate a favorable settlement, and she was referred to him. This highlights Hanson & Mouri’s dedication to seeking maximum client compensation.

However, Sheryl P.’s Yelp review criticizes Mr. Hanson for initially being professional but later providing an incorrect assessment of her husband’s physical condition. She felt that Mr. Hanson failed to understand the magnitude of her husband’s situation, which caused great distress to her and ultimately led them to decide that his services should cease immediately.

Hanson & Mouri have shown their dedication and expertise in handling car accident cases with care, combining aggressive advocacy with practical advice that ensures their clients receive all available benefits under the law. Furthermore, their compassionate approach and clear communication have resulted in many positive results and satisfied clients.

Despite occasional criticisms regarding misunderstandings and misjudgments, most reviews praise Hanson & Mouri for their professionalism and ability to deliver results. Thus, if you need legal representation following a car accident in Riverside or the Inland Empire region, consider reaching out to Hanson & Mouri. Their dedication and passion make them stand out among ordinary law firms as extraordinary advocates for personal injury victims.


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