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Regarding personal injury and car accident claims, Donald Stevenson, the head of iAccident Lawyer, is a seasoned warrior. With over 25 years in the legal field and an impressive 150 million collected in claims across California, Nevada, and Colorado, his relentless pursuit of justice is admirable. His team, equally dedicated, navigates their clients through the intricate legal jungle on a path to recovery. But how does this attorney firm fare in the eyes of its clients? Let’s sift through reviews from Yelp,,, and to find out.


  1. Successful Compensation: Cameron T. (Yelp) spoke highly of Corey Higgins’ ability to secure a,000 settlement after a car accident.
  2. Smooth Case Handling: Trüc T.’s (Yelp) review paints Donald as an empathetic attorney who facilitated a seamless case process despite her difficult circumstances.
  3. Comprehensive Care: Moe T. (Yelp) was well cared for by Julie at iAccident Lawyer, who arranged for all necessary medical treatments following his motorcycle accident.
  4. Expert Legal Strategy: Larry H.’s feedback on praised the firm’s strategic handling of his motorcycle accident case, which led to satisfactory financial relief.
  5. Client Care & Satisfaction: Reviews from Samer H.(Birdeye. com), Nick G., Mark E., Bodjie A., and Lourdes R.(Trustanalytica. com) appreciated the firm’s attentiveness, negotiation skills, client commitment, and overall professional handling that led to favorable settlements.


  1. Perceived Lack of Empathy: Tony L.’s review on Yelp suggested that he lacked empathy during his free consultation.

Given these pros and cons gleaned from online reviews, it’s clear that iAccident Lawyer is a trusted ally for many victims of personal injury cases in San Bernardino and the Inland Empire. Their attorneys’ strategic thinking, relentless negotiation skills with insurance companies, and dedication to securing high compensation are well-recognized.

In Cameron T.’s review, he underlines the critical role of staying patient during a personal injury lawsuit as the final payout offered some serious financial relief. Moe T.’s feedback puts a spotlight on the firm’s knack for not just giving legal tips but also making sure their clients get all the medical help they need. Trüc T.’s experience showed the law firm understood how to provide legal and emotional support during her recovery.

The firm’s got mad skills helping folks after all kinds of crashes, from cars to bikes. This is attested by Larry H., Nick G., Mark E., Bodjie A., and Lourdes R.’s feedback on their respective cases.

Despite this, potential clients should be prepared for varying levels of empathy during consultations, as suggested by Tony L.’s review.

So, suppose you’ve been in an accident and need legal help in San Bernardino or anywhere across the Inland Empire. In that case, iAccident Lawyer has a stellar record of dedication and strategic smarts to guide clients toward recovery. But they go the extra mile to help their clients fully recover and get the compensation they deserve.

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